We don't know why we find the concept of Brendan O'Connor interviewing Ryan Tubridy so bizarre, it's similar to when Ryan has interviewed Gay Byrne or Pat Kenny in the past. It just.... shouldn't happen. They exist as separate entities and their paths should never ever cross.

This morning's interview on Radio 1 proved that no end, as Brendan O'Connor, who has been filling in as host on The John Murray Show the past few weeks, interviewed Ryan Tubridy about landing the gig permanently and returning to his Radio 1 roots.

The pair discussed his move with Brendan saying that Ryan was simply too old for 2fm. Ouch. Ryan took it in his stride though and said "I think there’s probably truth in that. It’s not a station for old men. It’s time to go back, to feel young again!"

When Tubridy attempted to thank his team back at 2fm, Brendan interupted and said "I always think that sounds wanky to the people at home".

Eh, does it?

Brendan also joked that Tubridy should give up Fridays and The Late Late Show to someone new saying; "On Fridays, you’re up at 6 o’clock, you’re doing the Late Late till 12 or 1. I think it’s too much on a Friday," he said.

Tubridy replied, “I’d say if you were offered it you’d do it."

“Would you not ask to do Monday to Thursday and have someone else come in and do Friday for you?" continued O'Connor.

"No," replied Tubridy, before stating that Gay Byrne and Pat Kenny did it before him, "I'm only doing one hour [of radio]. It’s not that tough. It’s a long day but it’s a privilege. The Friday is a long day but sure people do long days."

In summary, you can't have his job, Brendan!

Still though, at least Brendan didn't skirt around anything, even if it did make for cringeworthy listening.