They linked Ryan Tubridy to royalty, discovered Davina McCaul's high-ranking French roots and unearthed an epic tale of bravery for Minnie Driver so who knows that the Who Do You Think You Are? team uncovered when they went digging around in Brendan O'Carroll's past?

We'll find out soon enough apparently, because according to the Irish Independent the Mrs Brown's Boys creator will be the star of a new episode that's due to air some time in mid-2014.

"They spent three months research[ing] the family history to see if there are any interesting stories" he told the newspaper, "so there must be a few in mine." It's a well known fact that his mammy was a rather politically active lady so there's no doubt that Brendan's clan won't have been backward in coming forward. And sure if they're anything like the Browns they'll definitely have a few tales to tell.

"Obviously, it's all kept a surprise, so I don't know what's going to unfold. But I'm looking forward to it; it'll be an interesting experience", he said. We kind of can't wait to see what it throws up either.