Making a Murderer fans were delighted to hear the news on Friday that Brendan Dassey's conviction has been overturned as the judge ruled that his confession was coerced.

Those who watched the Netflix series will also remember Dassey's lawyer Len Kachinsky, who proved of very little use to him and appeared to be in cahoots with the prosecution. In fact, Brendan's appeal was based on two points; that his confession was illegally obtained, and that Kachinsky "breached his duty of loyalty by working with the prosecution to secure Brendan’s conviction."

On Friday, the judge did not overturn Brendan's conviction based on Kachinsky, but he did say his "conduct was inexcusable both tactically and ethically. It is one thing for an attorney to point out to a client how deep of a hole the client is in. But to assist the prosecution in digging that hole deeper is an affront to the principles of justice that underlie a defense attorney’s vital role in the adversarial system."

Kachinsky has since been interviewed by WBAY-TV in America where he said he was happy with the result;

“In the sense that that was an instance that I preserved for appeal, before I was off the case, I was in sense gratified because the fact that that was the basis for magistrate judge Duffin’s decision, it shows that I did my job."

Yep. Not exactly the interpretation of many, but Kachinsky will always maintain that he did his job for Dassey... right up to the lawsuit that will likely come his way one day if Dassey walks (the State of Wisconsin now have ninety days to appeal).