In August of last year, Brendan Dassey had his conviction overturned by a Federal Court Judge. 

The Judge ruled at the time that the confession Dassey gave to officers investigating the murder of Teresa Halbach was involuntary under the fifth and fourteenth amendments. The ruling mean that Dassey was set to be freed from prison after three months, pending an appeal from the State of Wisconsin. 

Considering it's almost a year since that ruling was made, you can probably guess that the State of Wisconsin did appeal the Judge's decision. A decision on said appeal was made by a panel of Judges was made yesterday, in favour of Dassey. The panel of three Judges, voted 2-1 in favour of upholding the original ruling of having the conviction overturned. The ruling has come ten years after he was convicted of sexually assaulting and killing Teresa Halbach. 

So what does this mean now? Well, much like the original decision last August, the ball is now back in the State of Wisconsin's court. They can either appeal to the Supreme Court or re-try Dassey's case in the State of Wisconsin. Dassey will remain in jail pending the State's next move. 

A spokesperson for the Wisconsin Attorney General indicated that they’re prepared to continue the legal battle against Dassey.

“We continue to send our condolences to the Halbach family as they have to suffer through another attempt by Mr. Dassey to re-litigate his guilty verdict and sentence,” said spokesman Johnny Koremenos.

A member of Dassey's legal team called the panel's decision a victor for Brendan. 

“We’re absolutely thrilled,” said Laura H. Nirider in an interview. “We’re over the moon for Brandon. We’re over the moon for his family. This was a victory for justice and the truth today.”

Via The New York Times