We've said it before, but there really is a delight in how Tommy Tiernan conducts his interviews.

It's not that he just steps back and lets the guest talk about anything they want, but rather that he's able to create an environment for them where they feel comfortable enough to do it.

It's like sitting on a high stool and listening on a personal conversation between two people, just shooting the breeze and letting the conversation determine its own course and rhythm. Neither person has anywhere to be, or anything in particular to talk about, so you get little nuggets of an anecdote like this.

Brenda Fricker was on last night's show and, as you'd expect, her history with the Oscars came up. Of course, being the humble legend that she is, she instead told the story about how everyone - even Al Pacino of all people - gets backstage nerves, and how the likes of Joe Pesci often break down in tears afterwards.

Have a look.