Thank Jeebus. It was announced late last night that The Mindy Project, New Girl and The Following have all been renewed for new seasons. Mindy Kaling's smash-hit sitcom about a young doctor in New York has been one of the funniest new comedies we've seen in a helluva long time. Let's celebrate this fact with one of our favourite .gifs from the show.

New Girl, which is now in its third season and shows no signs of stopping, has been renewed for a fourth season. But will it last a fifth? Are they going to be able to keep the Jess / Nick thing going or is it eventually gonna lose steam? And why isn't there more Schmidt? And what about Coach?

We may have just spoiled it for those who haven't caught up with New Girl. Sorry. 

Kevin Bacon's creepy-ass horror series The Following has also been renewed for a second season and it's looking like all the stars will be returning also. James Purefoy, who you may remember from the excellent HBO series Rome, plays a serial killer who has escaped prison and formed a cult of murderous, brainwashed followers around him to do his bidding.

The Following is currently showing on Sky Atlantic and The Mindy Project and New Girl are showing on E4.