Not going to lie, this news make us very happy of a Tuesday morning. Breaking Bad's Mike is set to join the cast of Netflix's Better Call Saul! The actor, Jonathan Banks, played ruthless private investigator Mike Ehrmantraut in the original show, and is set to be a series regular in the spin-off.

The show will be a prequel of sorts to Breaking Bad showing just how lawyer Saul, played by Bob Odenkirk, came to be. Which essentially means every character in Breaking Bad could make an appearance at some stage, with both Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul expressing an interest already. Imagine... we could see Walt and Skylar just out doing their weekly shop, Jesse on his way to High school - the options are endless!

We already know that pre-Walter While and Saul Goodman, Mike was a former Philadelphia police officer, but now it looks like we will finally get more of a back story for this elusive character.

With Breaking Bad fans foaming at the mouth for anything that even resembles the show, the series Better Call Saul was an ingenious move by B.B writer Vince Gilligan. Here's hoping it lives up it to expectation, as the guy definitely set the bar very high for himself.

Further casting news is expected in the coming months, with Better Call Saul set to debut on Netflix in the UK sometime in late 2014/2015.