Many a hottie has stepped onto the Home and Away set down the years, but those Braxton boys - God bless them - they're a good looking bunch. Head of the clan of bros Darryl Braxton, or Brax as he is known around 'the bay', is arriving on our shores next week and he may just be popping into your local night club.

The actor, who's actually called Steve Peacocke (which doesn't suit him at all as well as Brax) has been in Ireland a few times over the last couple years so is clearly quite taken with the place.

He is set to make appearances in three 'joints' as he might call them over the course of the next week including Hillgrove in Kerry and Garavogue in Sligo. We're not sure what exactly he will be doing there... maybe just being cool as f*ck?

Let's not ask too many questions.