Ah lads, we absolutely loved Rob Lowe in The West Wing, Brothers and Sisters, and Parks and Recreation, but we'll always remember him most fondly as that fresh faced teenager from those 1980s Brat Pack films. Now it seems the former teen heart throb has joined forces with National Geographic to narrate a documentary about the decade that made him a star.

The network is folling out a six-part series called The 80's: The Decade That Made Us, and The Hollywood Reporter says it's being billed as "the defining biography of a generation". Sure weren't the 80's only bleedin deadly lads? I should know, best 60 days of my life so they were.

Anyway, the show won't be taking us through Rob's back catalogue, it'll actually be looking back at decisions, people and inventions that made the 80s what they were. Rob will be narrating the production, which will help to explain how events and ideas influenced cultural change. Perhaps they can find an explanation for the mullet along the way...

The 80s: The Decade That Made Us hits US TV screens on April 14th, with a European air date yet to be confirmed.