Russell Brand says his ex-wife Katy Perry was a pain in the ass. Now that we're all over that startling revelation, on with the rest of the story.

The 37-year-old star was at Solar Studios in Los Angeles on Sunday (15.07.12) filming this week's instalment of his show 'BrandX' when he "shocked" the live audience by saying the singer gave him "ass-ache".

An audience member told the Daily Star: "Russell was bantering with the audience, in particular a couple called Curtis and Katy. He got onto the subject of their sex life. Katy was giving as good as she got. Then, all of a sudden Russell shouted: 'Anyway, enough of you. I've had enough ass-ache from people called Katy in the last year.' It was obvious he meant Katy Perry. The whole room gasped. I think it took a couple of seconds for what he'd said to sink in (Californians...). He then laughed and shouted: 'Oh no, there might be a journalist in the room.' He shrugged his shoulders and murmured: 'Oh well,' before moving onto his next subject."

Let's assume that was something highly scripted sumpfink abaaht nuffink involving references from over a year ago. Put it this way, when Entertainment Weekly said "the series premiere was not very funny. The biggest groaners of the night were cheap-shot jabs that might have been halfway controversial if they weren’t so out of date. Gags about Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen, 'the patron saint of winning', were at least a year old," they were being kind.

Basically, the entire budget went on Brand himself as it looks and sounds like it's being recoded in a GAA hall and filled with a load of simpering females who wouldn't know comedy if it playfully slapped them about the arse.

Hence why Brand's new girlfriend - Jordana Brewster's sister, Isabella - tweeted the following from the audience "Good times at BRAND X taping with @JessaPlum @jimhecht @ColetteCrazy ‪#BrandX".

Isabella is the umpteenth female Brand's been photographed with since his separation, but it looks like this one's for keeps as "they are both in recovery and totally into yoga."