It's OK, there's nary an impersonator among them. And if there were, it wasn't Ray's idea, mmmmkay. 

After a severe social meedja backlash following an appearance by "Jack Nicholson", some may think that the show's producers would've pulled out all the stops to get a legendary name among the guests. Well, they have. And we'll get to him in a minute. 

While said guests have done amazing work, and definitely deserve the platform to raise awareness, it still raises the question that Twitter was baying last week, that being - "Is this Saturday night entertainment?!"

According to the press release just in, Ray will be joined by "Davy Fitzgerald and Anna Geary ahead of the new series of Ireland’s Fittest Family." More people he can do press ups in front of!

He will also chat to the amazing people involved with the LauraLynn Children's Hospice Foundation, Jane and Brendan McKenna. This foundation is not government funded and therefore needs all the awareness and donations going. 

Ray will then chat with the lovely Donal Skehan - who's due to get married to his Swedish sweetheart, and musical legend Michael Ball (he's got a show called Mack & Mabel which is coming to the Bord Gais Energy Theatre). 

And, lastly, we'll have music by Guy Garvey. Absolute legend. If Ray's got any spare time, he'd be mad not to get Garvey under the wall of searing lights for a banter - if only to discuss his Cbeebies Bedtime Story prowess. 

All in all, it bayts the sh*te out of last week. 

Despite additional reports, the line up does not include Robbie Keane. Shame.