Ah here, is all we have to say to this news. Can't some things just be left well alone? Moone Boy is set in Boyle in Co. Roscommon in early nineties Ireland, and that's that. There's no Roscommon in America lads, there just isn't.

ABC and Sony Pictures have picked up the series for this US adaptation, which Chris O'Dowd will write and executive produce, although he won't star in it.

The show won an International Emmy for best comedy last year so no doubt that did wonders for getting the series some attention across the pond, and sure they are all mad about Chris over there.

As per usual with American networks, so far it's only the pilot that's been commissioned, so we don't know when or even if we will get to see this monstrousity. We can't even picture it, if we're honest.

Those bleedin' yanks better not make a shambles of it!