They've been both a blessing and a curse on Channel 5's Celebrity Big Brother, reducing housemates to tears and sending ratings skyrocketing. Yep, Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are doing exactly what they did on The Hills and we're still kinda captivated. Even if they are incredibly annoying.

These two are a hell of a lot smarter than they look and we've got a feeling they could scoop the CBB prize this Friday. Let's face it, Rylan Clark's little Sunday rehearsals have probably cost him the Big Brother crown and Claire Richards just ain't gonna cut it. Speidi, on the other hand, create car crash telly: We just can't switch off.

Win or lose, the bitchy blondes are pretty much sorted. The Daily Star claims the pair are being set up for their own reality TV show. Somewhere on the planet, Lauren Conrad is attempting to rise above it.

Anyway, there's a major TV company looking to sign the Pratts (there's such sweet joy in referring to them by their surname), apparently. "The plan is for proud Yanks Spencer Pratt, 29, and his wife Heidi Montag, 26, to travel the country poking fun at [the English] and [their] traditions", the newspaper reports. "The pair will be offered the chance to meet all sections of British society, from the aristocracy and politicians to truck drivers and chip shop workers." Sounds like Emmy award winning stuff right there lads. But since when have we ever had a problem with awful telly?

Even if it's pure drivel we'll probably end up watching it on repeat AND buying the box set.