Boy George may have moved on from his criminal past, but it seems that not everyone has done the same.

One of his camp mates in the 'I'm a Celebrity...' jungle brought up his 2009 conviction - where he was found guilty of falsely imprisoning a male escort, Auden Carlsen, in his home - and the 61-year-old star was not impressed.

George was sentenced to 15 months in jail for beating Carlsen with a metal bar and handcuffing him to a wall fixture, but was released after 4 months.

When 'A Place in the Sun' presenter Scarlette Douglas asked him "What happened with you and some guy in handcuffs and a radiator?" on last night's episode, he quickly answered "That's not true."

Douglas said "Oh, just handcuffs?" to which he tersely replied "Handcuffs is true, but the radiator bit wasn’t true - but thanks for bringing it up."

When she went on to say that she wouldn't be surprised if it was a "fake story", George said "Sometimes these things, they go into the ether, and people keep saying them and they become folklore."

He later ranted in the Bush Telegraph, saying "Scarlette blatantly talked about my court case. I thought it was inappropriate what she did, actually. 

"I thought she shouldn’t have said what she said to me. And I thought I handled it really well as it’s a big sore point for me when people say things like that."

Carlsen, the victim in the assault and imprisonment case, had previously expressed his frustration that Boy George was appearing on 'I'm a Celebrity...'. , saying that it was "hurtful that big organisations like ITV give him that platform.

"I think giving him this sort of platform and a record fee sends the wrong message to survivors of violence and abuse and is plain wrong.’ 

An ITV source later released a statement saying "This is a historic, spent conviction dating back 12 years and Boy George has appeared on major TV networks globally on numerous occasions over the last decade, including as a coach for The Voice UK on the BBC and The Voice Australia."