You might say it's a knockout fine that'll leave this boxing fan reeling and out for the count.

Is that enough boxing puns? Sure, OK. Craig Foster, 34, has been hit with a fine of £84,000 by Sky for illegally streaming the Wladimir Klitschko - Anthony Joshua fight that took place on April 29th of last year.

Mr. Foster's account was tracked by Sky when they flashed up his serial number on screen during the fight, and subsequently cancelled his account before handing him a bill for the illegal stream.

The worst part? He claims that it wasn't even him streaming the fight. As he told the Daily Mirror, it was a guest of his that decided to stream. "My iPad was signed in to my Facebook account and my friend just started streaming the fight. I didn’t think anything of it, then a few days later they cut my subscription," said Foster.

He went on, saying that he signed a letter from a law firm representing Sky to pay £5,000 in fines - but now Mr. Foster wants to fight his case in court instead. "They’re making an example of me. I know streaming the fight was wrong. I didn’t stop my friend but I was watching the boxing."

Facebook has come under fire in recent months for hosting illegal streams of pay-per-view events. It's been claimed that over 400,000 people on Facebook viewed illegal streams of the fight, which Sky believes cost them millions in lost revenue.