Have to be honest, a part of me is a bit happy this isn't going ahead. Nobody like having their childhood memories manhandled, or whacked over the head with a foam frying pan.

A few months back, Adrian Vivian Eddie Edmondson tweeted the following regarding his reunion with Rik Mayall: "We are trying to write a series of Hooligan's Island - basically Richie and Eddie marooned on a desert island."

Now Edmondson has now changed his tune slightly, telling BBC Radio Essex: "There isn't a Bottom series four. There isn't anything. We started working on something and we realised why we stopped working together. It wasn't working... I'm aware that people think comedy's easy to do and write and everything, and it relatively is to be honest. But once you get to a certain age you want to do things you really enjoy, not just things you can do."

Essentially, they hate each other and can't be arsed anymore.