After four decades, the question as to which gender Bosco belongs to has finally been answered.

The childhood icon of Irish thirty-somethings everywhere was on 'The Ray D'Arcy Show' to discuss a range of issues and when asked what was the most common question posed to Bosco, age and gender was the answer. We took a poll not too long ago and the results found that an overwhelming majority of those asked believed that Bosco was a boy.

Interestingly, 34% of people polled said they didn't consider gender an issue whilst just 5% said Bosco was female. Funnily enough, Bosco's puppeteer and voice since the '70s has been operated by two women, Miriam and Paula Lambert. At any rate, Ray pushed a bit on the gender question and we now, after 39 years since Bosco first arrived on our screens, have the definitive answer.

Take a look.

"I'm just a Bosco," they said. So, there you have it. Bosco is neither male nor female, but just a Bosco. That's a pretty big deal, in fairness. The childhood icon we've all grown up with and taken life lessons off is basically gender-neutral, and when you think about it, Bosco was on TV during a time when it was illegal to be homosexual, trans issues were utterly ignored and the LGBT community in Ireland was pretty much in hiding.

All that time, we had a gender-neutral children's television presenter telling us everything was OK. Fair play, in fairness.