Following tonight's dumping of one boy and one girl from the island, it's not going to be very long until two new islanders make their grand entrances.

There are just two weeks left of 'Love Island' on our screens, and the show is making way for two new bombshells - at the cost of two established characters.

That's right, tonight's episode will see the islanders decide who will be the boy and who will be the girl to leave the reality show for good. In their place will be Aaron and Priya, who will no doubt have some heads turning their way.

As you can see below, Teddy and Matthew have been invited for a date with Priya, while Chloe, who is coupled up with Toby, goes on a date with new boy Aaron.

Priya Gopaldas is a 23-year-old medical student from London. Asked who her celebrity crush is, Priya gave a very interesting answer: "This is a very strange answer but Boris Johnson. I have a soft spot for him. It’s the confidence but he is a total sweetheart on the inside and that’s what I like in a boy. He’s the prime minister, very driven but then on the inside he’s a cuddly bear. I also love his blonde hair, that does it for me!"

Meanwhile, 24-year-old footballer Aaron Simpson from Kent says that he's honest, straight-talking and isn't afraid of stepping on any toes in the villa: "I feel like with my personality I won’t do it behind your back. I’ll openly tell you I’m about to steal your girl. That doesn’t really phase me at all. As long as I’m not doing anything snakey or behind your back, I don’t really see the problem."

'Love Island' continues tonight on Virgin Media One at 9 pm.