Signing up to do a reality TV show three months after your mother's death is never a good idea, but them's the breaks when your family's cash cow dies unexpectedly.

Whitney Houston didn't write her own songs, you see, so the majority of any royalties go to the writers, not her estate. Her lifestyle of choice ate into her earnings, not to mention the amount of family members/enablers she had on her payroll up until her death.

Now Bobbi Kristina, or Krissi, is the next obvious target, what with her due to inherit her mother's remaining $7million. Her grandmother Cissy and her aunt Pat claim that they want what's best for her, yet the former is reportedly writing a tell-all book about her recently deceased daughter, while the latter sold footage of Whitney's funeral to the press and is believed to have leaked photos of the hotel room in which her sister died. Both of them have denounced her choice of appearing in a reality TV show so soon after her mother's death, yet they both play large roles in it, as you can see from the below. 

On a personal note, I too lost my mother suddenly when aged 19. I too was left with a less than supportive father with questionable tendencies. The years following her death were also a whirlwind of booze, impromptu vomiting, regrettable boyfriend choices, and more, which I've blanked out for self-preservation purposes. The thought of having those moments recorded and broadcasted across the world for prosperity doesn't even bear thinking about.