Although some might argue that Better Call Saul is moving at a somewhat stately pace, one thing's for sure - the writers know what they're doing.

At least that's what Bob Odenkirk, Jimmy McGill himself, had to say during a recent interview. Odenkirk, who's been playing the role of Saul Goodman / Jimmy McGill for several years now, has been open about the pressures of the show and the difficult task facing the writers, as well as audience reaction to the second series.

"Vince (Gilligan) and Peter (Gould) are out on a limb, and they are following a character of depth with sensitivity and integrity and they have no care for convention," explained Odenkirk. As for what's happening in the whole series, Odenkirk was pretty tight-lipped except for two words: "Incremental progress; heart-rending failure."


If that wasn't enough, Odenkirk pretty much squelched any chances of Walter White turning up in Better Call Saul in the forseeable future, despite the fact that Aaron Paul's been dropping hints about Jesse's return. "Nil. Stop hoping. Stop referencing Breaking Bad... it hasn't happened yet ... this show is this show, and it's full and complex and the stakes are different and it's a helluva unique and rich experience."

Is that a no, then? Dang.


Via HuffPo