The titular star of 'Better Call Saul', Bob Odenkirk, was rushed to the hospital yesterday (Tuesday, July 27) after collapsing on set.

Bob Odenkirk is currently shooting the sixth and final season of the 'Breaking Bad' spin-off.

TMZ broke the news of him going to hospital.

The actor collapsed on set during production in New Mexico. Crew members immediately called an ambulance.

Bob Odenkirk is still in hospital and currently receiving medical care. The cause of his collapse has not been disclosed.

'Better Call Saul' has proven a hugely successful spin-off with Odenkirk reprising his role from 'Breaking Bad'.

The actor has received a number of Primetime Emmy and Golden Globe nominations for his lead performance.

Bob Odenkirk has won two Emmys over the course of his career for his writing contributions to the shows 'SNL' and 'The Ben Stiller Show'.

In recent months, he turned action movie star in the feature film 'Nobody'. It saw him play a dissatisfied, listless man whose past as an assassin gets dredged up after an attack on his home.