The BBC has announced that Blindboy Boatclub will host a satirical undercover programme for BBC Three focusing on the housing crisis.

Per the press statement given by the BBC Press Office, 'Blindboy Undestroys The World' will follow Blindboy "on a quest to unpack the housing crisis and to question the system that leaves millennials homeless," presumably focusing on the housing crisis in Ireland as well as abroad.

Blindboy's podcast has quickly become the most popular podcast in Ireland in a matter of months, with Spike Lee appearing on this week's episode to promote 'Blackkklansman', the new biopic comedy-drama on release this weekend. Blindboy and the Rubberbandits previously made their American television debut in 2016 with 'The Almost Impossible Gameshow', a short-lived 'Total Wipeout' clone that saw Blindboy and Mr. Chrome commentating as people went through various ridiculous exercises along the way.

Speaking at the announcement at the Edinburgh TV Festival, BBC Three controller Damian Kavanagh said that "(on) BBC Three we will always provide a platform for distinct voices and tell stories that matter to young people in Britain today. With these new shows, we’re doing just that by featuring a truly unique voice who unpacks the housing crisis and its impact on young people in Blindboy Undestroys the World."

No air date has been set for the new BBC Three series.