In case you thought it was just one of those things Billie Eilish has in order to make herself seem relatable, being a gigantic fan of 'The Office' is a real thing.

For example, when quizzed on deep-cut trivia by Rainn Wilson - who played Dwight Schrute, of course - Eilish knew the two distinct pizza places loved by Dunder-Mifflin employees. She also knew the name of Angela's dead cat (Sprinkles) and the replacement cat (Garbage).

She even knew the name of Jan's candle company (Serenity by Jan), and was able to answer quotes and give entire context for entire quotes. That's right, she was able to recite scenes for the guy who was actually in them - and it didn't even seem like he knew them, either.

Just to top it all off, Eilish was gifted with an Office Olympics medal, which as Wilson accurately points out, would go very well with her "Goth bling" look.

Take a look.