Every late-night talk show in the US must, by way of arriving, have a weird interview with Bill Murray.

David Letterman kicked off the first episode of both of his shows - 'Late Night' and 'Late Show' - with Bill Murray as guest that quickly descended into chaos. The 'Late Show' ended with Bill spray-painting the words 'DAVE' on his desk. Really.

For 'Jimmy Kimmel Live', however, the first lockdown interview is a little bit more sedate, but it's still odd. Bill Murray, this time around, decided to conduct the interview from his bathtub while it was filling up with warm water.

In fact, the opening back-and-forth of this interview was chock full of some useful tips on how to get yourself the perfect temperature and suds ratio in a bath-tub. From there, it went to Murray reminiscing on his relationship with Michael Jordan, how he sees himself in the background of archival footage of 'The Last Dance', and generally lamenting the absence of team sports on TV.

All in all, everything you could possibly want in a Bill Murray interview.

Take a look.