Don't get us wrong, we love good old Michael D, a little legend so he is, but Bill O'Herlihy in the Aras? We could get on board with that pretty fast. He could have the three amigos over for afternoon tea and a kickabout in the Phoenix Park, happy days.

The 75-year-old broadcaster was chatting to Pat Kenny on Newstalk yesterday, following his final broadcast with the football panel for the World Cup final on Sunday night. He told Pat; "I'd like to be president, but I wouldn't have a ghost of a chance of getting in. I'd get more Christmas cards than I would votes."

Eh, we beg to differ O'Herlihy. And anyone that can handle the ramblings of Dunphy and co is well able to tackle any situation the world might throw at him as president of our wee island.

Can you imagine his campaign into office? Placards with 'Bill for President, okey doke?' and 'Let's NOT leave it there so'.

It writes itself really. Make it happen Bill!

Next election isn't until 2018 though, but isn't he worth the wait?