If you haven't watched until the end of the latest season of Homeland, best click away from here altogether.

At a recent panel discussion, the writers of Homeland dropped a fair amount of spoilers for the upcoming fifth season; many of which came as a bit of a shock to longtime fans of the series.

Firstly, the fifth season will time-jump forward by two and a half years, with Carrie Mathison no longer working for the CIA. In fact, as the writers put it themselves, she's no longer an intelligence officer.

Oooh, intrigue.

What's more, the majority of the fifth season will be set in Germany - although what Carrie is doing there remains to be seen.

As for whether or not Carrie develops a relationship with everyone's favourite covert assassin, Quinn, the topic seems to be dividing both fans and writers alike.

Whether or not Quinn will turn up in the fifth season has yet to be answered, as has Saul Berensen's appearance also.

So, initial thoughts? Last season was pretty interesting by setting it entirely in Pakistan and gave the show a real sense of immediacy and urgency.

By setting in Germany, are they not effectively robbing us of that potential? It's hard to say. For one, it doesn't have the same exoticness that the fourth season had.

Plus, Quinn was, in our opinion, the driving force behind the last season. By removing him from the equation, it's basically back to just Carrie and Saul.

Is the show running out of steam, perhaps? Some feel the show lost all relevance when Brody, played by Damian Lewis, left.

Either way, one thing's for certain - Homeland isn't going anywhere as the show continues to garner ratings and accolades every year.


Via Variety