It's starting to look like Natalie Rowe's days are numbered in the Big Brother house, as she is proving increasingly unpopular with housemates and is already up for eviction on Friday.

Last night however, things escalated (again) in the house over an incident with a bottle of wine. The store room doors were open where the alcohol is kept causing a bit of a frenzy among housemates to get to it. Natalie panicked when she thought she wasn't going to get a glass of wine so decided to grab the bottle off Laura... leading to World War III essentially.

Everybody freaked out at her leading to Natalie flicking Laura's hand out of her face. This act of 'violence' however caused her to be called into the Diary Room where Natalie got a firm telling off by Big Brother and had to stay in the 'spare room' of the house. Later on then she was given a formal warning from Big Brother;

"Natalie, before you entered the Big Brother house the rules regarding acceptable language and behaviour were explained to you. Big Brother feels your behaviour was completely unacceptable and has no choice but to issue you with a formal warning."

That's where the credits rolled on actual Big Brother, however on BB's Bit On The Side we saw how Natalie was the next day in the house when Laura tried to speak with her about the incident and Natalie simply said; "I have nothing to talk to you about. You mean nothing to me." A stunned Laura then replied with; "I find that woman intolerable."

Phew! The drama of it all.

Moral of the story, share your wine. Or... don't even try to share your wine. Or actually, we're not sure there is any morals in any Big Brother story. They're all cray cray.

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