Big Brother
presenter Emma Willis has filmed a pilot for new show  'Prize Island' but it might not even get to see the light of day.

The show was supposed to air in the spring pitting it against The Voice UK. But a source said, 'Prize Island has been kicking around for so long everyone's convinced it's been dumped. It's a very ambitious show and expensive - because the production crew and stars had to be carted off thousands of miles away to film it. The rumour is it isn't very good.'

The show which was filmed last October sees couples go up against each other to win prizes on Mozambique. Pointless star Richard Osman was the brains behind the programme but even he is unsure if the show will get to our screens. In a recent article 'UK's TV's worst ever gameshows', Osman wrote 'Do we have a hit on our hands? Considering I've just watched a couple from Birmingham win a fitted kitchen by bouncing off an enormous inflatable octopus, your guess is very much as good as mine'. A spokesperson for ITV said the show will air sometime in 2013 but no specific dates were mentioned.