This year's Big Brother has had so many twists and turns we can barely keep up, evictions have been turned on their head, a load of new housemates have rocked the apple cart and now this week they have even more planned to mess with these poor housemates heads.

We found out over the weekend, that housemates had unsurprisingly put former Tallafornia star Marc as well as Sam and Simon up for eviction, however there's a twist in store as whoever is nominated will actually go to a secret lair where residents of Big Brother house past will be waiting. However the housemates won't be told until Sunday when all will be revealed.

So you would you like to see return? We hope they go way back and bring in the likes of Brian Dowling, Nikki Grahame, Kate Lawlor, Craig Philips or maybe even our own Anna Nolan, who was in the first ever Big Bro house.

We'll just have to wait and see. Until then, we can see how many more feathers Marc can ruffle before eviction night. He is just THE WORST. Yet so entertaining to watch, dammit.