Big Brother has really turned to the dark side this year and is just flipping things on its head all over the gaff. First off, they decided to evict someone after about five minutes in the house, and while there have been plenty of other Big Bro tricks since, they have taken things to another level this week.

Yesterday we were telling you that Irish girl Jade was the clear favourite to go this Friday, although there was no denying that she was bringing in a lot of viewers with her scheming ways. So Big Brother decided to mess with the entire system this week and keep the housemates who were up for eviction safe, and put the rest up for public vote.

Not only that, they are evicting FOUR of the housemates, and replacing them with four new housemates, which means Chloe Wilburn, Danny Wisker, Harriet Jackson, Kieran McLeod, Sarah Greenwood, Amy and Sally Broadbent are all up for eviction, and Aaron Frew, Cristian MJC, Eileen Daly, Jade Lynch, Joel Williams and Nick Henderson are all safe.

All this information was placed on the shoulders of house mate Jack last night in the diary room, who has used one of his immunity passes he got at the start to remain safe this week, but he was told that if he said what was going to happen to any other housemate, he would instantly be removed from the house.

Phew! The housemates will NOT know what hit them Friday. And four new housemates? That's going to rock the apple cart no end.

It's all clearly an elaborate ploy to keep Jade in too, which makes sense really, and sure maybe the new housemates will tell her how achingly annoying that baby voice of hers is.