Sometimes we worry that the power may have gone to Big Brother's head and that it's all gone a bit Stanford inside that house. God be with the days when we were kept happy with a bit of strip poker and a game of dress up.

However, we are ten years in at this point and the novelty of watching people live in a gaff for the summer has long worn off in this world of Kardashians and TOWIE that we now live in. So they need to keep things interesting/messed up.

After rattling the boat completely last week by evicting four housemates (well, five technically) and replacing them with four total sh*t stirrers, including Tallafornia's Marc O'Neill, they've now gone and turned the gaff into a bona fide Frat House called Beta Beta.

Yep, for this week's task, four male housemates were made 'Brothers' of the fraternity - Harry, Nick, Cristian and Marc being the males in question. Housemates were told they must do everything that was asked of them by the housemates in order to win the task.

Of course, Marc delighted in his new role of power insisting that 'Pledges must cook all meals. Pledges must clean up after Brothers. You have to do whatever I say. It's right down there in black and white.'

So yeah, that's messed up as is. But THEN, the remaining housemates had to dress in these weird black leotards and sit on stools that were hooked up to shock devices which would go off if Big Brother felt they weren't telling the truth.

Where are they getting their ideas from? Guantanamo?

This all led to some trouble in the ranks as Simon was accused of being two-faced and faking his tears over putting Eileen up for nomination, while Chloe admitted she felt a divide in the house between the old housemates and the new housemates.

Later on then, the pledges were given a secret task of spying on the Brothers, so they all watched Nick and Harry almost get it on in the bed.


Next week in the Big Brother House.... water boarding!