Happy Halloween weekend to you all! Have yissers got your costumes ready? Are you all set for a night of trick or treating out in the cold, dark streets of.... ah look, who'd be bothered? Let's just stay away from the madness and scare the bejaysus out of ourselves in front of the box, shall we?


The Graham Norton Show

Alright, alright, alright, it's quite the red couch tonight as it holds not one but two Oscar winners, as Interstellar stars Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway join the host. Their new flick is set to be quite the belter and this year's answer to Gravity, in fact, almost a little too obviously so. Joining them will be a very popular lady at the minute, Girls star Lena Dunham, who will no doubt be chatting about her new book that has been recently released. It will be a bit of a squeeze on that couch too, as cockney comic Micky Flanagan will be also be on chatting about his new Sky1 series Micky Flanagan's Detour de France. As always there will be a bit of music too, this week it will be provided by Australian singer Sia who will be performing her single Chandelier. Have to say, this may be our favourite lineup yet!

The Late Late Show

We can only hope Ryan doesn't take Halloween too seriously and decides to dress up for us, although the audience will have to surely, won't they? Or perhaps that's reserved for the Toy Show. Who knows what frights they have in store for us anyways, but we can tell you who some of the guests are. Former Ireland Rugby star (it's still strange writing 'former') Brian O'Driscoll will be on to no doubt chat about how he is finding retirement, his upcoming new arrival and of course that new book of his. Joining him will be actor Dominic West, a fine-lookin' fella who you will probably know from his time on US crime series The Wire as well as Pride, 300, John Carter and TV series The Hour. The BAFTA winning actor is currently in a new US show called The Affair. So there you are, more will be added to the lineup but pretty good start 'ey?

Movie: Fright Night

We're not sure we would normally recommend a movie that stars Colin Farrell as a vampire, I mean who'd have thought that would work? This is actually pretty decent though, like he's no Robert Pattinson or anything, but he'll do. This comedy horror movie is a remake of the eighties classic and sees a teenage boy coming to the conclusion that his new neighbour is in fact, a vampire. Of course nobody believes him though so he turns to a horror-themed Las Vegas show to help him slay the bloodsucker before he murders the entire neighbourhood. What can go wrong?

Movie: Paranormal Activity

It's Halloween, so if ever there was a night to give yourself horrendous Paranormal Activity nightmares, it's this one. The first of the bazillion movies in this series, it takes horror to another dimension by essentially going all Blair Witch and showing the viewer most of their ghostly encounters on normal video cameras that are placed around a house that a couple believe to be haunted. And let's just say, they are right.... terrifyingly right.


Boardwalk Empire

After five seasons, the final ever episode of Boardwalk Empire has arrived, have to say, we wouldn't have minded another season, but sadly it's the end of the road of our time with Nucky. We can only be grateful for the fact that Steve Buscemi finally got some well-deserved recognition for his talents in landing a lead role for five seasons. In this last episode, Nucky considers making his final move from Atlantic City to Manhattan as he hopes to make that business of his legit, although it looks like Luciano may prove a bit of an obstacle. Will it be a happy ending for our favourite gangster turned politician?

Strictly Come Dancing

It's a Halloween special for the dancers on Strictly this weekend and it promises to be a 'hair-raising' spectacular as the eleven remaining couples fight it out to stay in the competition. They've already been well and truly spooked following last weeks shock elimination of Thom and Iveta, so will have to bring their A-game to the judges on Saturday. So gear yourself up for some frightening foxtrots and a few spooky sambas and of course don't miss the results show on Sunday at 7.20pm.

Frankenstein and the Vampyre: A Dark and Stormy Night

Fans of Gothic fiction will love this, as for everyone else - did you know that at one point authors Lord Byron, Mary and Percy Bysshe Shelley and their mates all got together one evening in Switzerland at the Villa Diodati near Lake Geneva to tell ghost stories, and it's from this eery night of tales that the characters of Frankenstein and his monster as well as the modern vampire was born? Think about that for a moment... strange 'ey? Well this docu-drama examines the letters, journals and diaries kept by these authors to give us more of an idea of what exactly went down on this life changing night for them.



It's the penultimate episode of this series of Love/Hate tonight and if last week's is anything to go by, you'll be needing a big hug and cup of hot chocolate afterwards just to steady your nerves. Siobhan 'ey? Did not see that coming. Everyone must deal with the aftermath of Pauley's death now, including the dreaded uncles, as Nidge informs Siobhan that Terrence will be coming over from Spain for Pauley's funeral. No doubt he will have plenty of questions about his nephew's death too. Maybe Tommy will wake up and save Siobhan and the day while he's at it? Maybe...

Live Super Sunday

The difficult fixtures are coming thick and fast for Louis van Gaal's Manchester Untied after a slightly easier start to the season, and this weekend will once again see them tested to the full as they take on local rivals Manchester City. In what will most likely be an intimidating and hostile atmosphere inside the City of Manchester Stadium, Van Gaal's men will face a line-up equally as full of star players as their own, although City's form has been a cause for "worry" for their manager Manuel Pellegrini, and he admitted as much after they were knocked out of the League Cup on Wednesday night by Newcastle. They'll be looking to bounce back from that upset against a United team who are still looking to string together a coupe of good results, and with players like Radamel Falcao, Angel Di Maria, Sergio Aguero, Yaya Toure and Wayne Rooney all likely to take to the field, this is one game that you shouldn't miss. Coverage starts at 12:30, kick off is 1.30pm.

Movie: Shame

You've probably heard about this movie already if you haven't actually seen it. Michael Fassbender is a sex addict (now we've got your attention) who has carefully structured his life around his compulsion, constantly pursuing one-night stands and keeping everyone at arm's length emotionally. His equally troubled sister Carey Mulligan then rocks up forcing poor Michael to face up to his demons as his world starts to unravel. And yes, you do get to see Michael's Crown Jewels. What? You do...

If you don't manage to get out for some Trick or Treatin', or have finished off the bowl that was meant to go to the little ones (hey, we don't judge) then don't forget you can pick up plenty of tasty treats in Centra this weekend.