Happy Friday to one and all! And this isn't any ordinary Friday either, it's a Bank Holiday Friday, truly the best of ALL the Fridays. No doubt you've all made some epic plans and won't even have a minute to put your feet up... no? Yeah, us neither. Let's just admit it and have a look at what's on the box, shall we? You know it's what you really want to do...


GAA All Stars

RTE1: 7.00pm

Time for the who's who of the GAA to get some well-deserved kudos for the amount of blood, sweat and tears they have shed on the pitch this last year. The GAA All Stars will be aired live from the Convention Centre in Dublin where the leading performer in each of the fifteen positions in football and hurling is rewarded, while there's also the matter of selecting the highly coveted Player of the Year in both sports. Michael Lyster and Joanne Cantwell will be on presenting duties, where undoubtedly GAA stalwarts and All Ireland winners Kerry and Kilkenny will be on the receiving end of many the award.

Alan Carr: Chatty Man

Channel 4: 10.00PM

Graham normally gets the nod for some solid, reliable Friday night entertainment, but in fairness, Alan Carr does a pretty stand-up job too. Tonight he will be chatting to actor James Nesbitt about the return of police comedy drama Babylon on Channel 4, but sure you could listen to James and that accent of his talk about anything really, couldn't you? Comedian Kevin Bridges will also be providing a few laughs talking about his debut autobiography, while Taylor Swift will be on performing her single Shake it Off... she has just been everywhere these last few weeks, hasn't she?

The Feeling Nuts Comedy Night

Channel 4: 11.05pm

The laughs continue over on Channel 4 tonight, with Jack Whitehall presenting this comedy special which is aimed at raising awareness of testicular cancer. A great night ahead too, if you were a fan of Men Behaving Badly you will be delighted to know that actors Martin Clunes and Neil Morrissey will be reunited after 16 years in a new sketch of the show. Amazing! Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse will also be providing a few laughs, and there's a special musical collaboration by James Corden and Rizzle Kicks. Apart from all that, there will be even more entertainment with appearances made by One Direction (queue fan-girl scream), Nina Conti, Cardinal Burns, Terry Mynott, Angelos Epithemiou, Daisy Lowe and Cara Delevingne, while Jimmy Carr and Jamie Cullum form an unlikely alliance. There's really probably too much talent here for one show.



Sitting on a Fortune
TV3 - 6.55pm

Brand new series for TV3 tonight with Brian Dowling presenting and as you may have guessed from the title, it's a game show. It involves competitors trying to spend as much time as possible sitting on a chair.... hey, we could do that! But no wait, the pairs of contestants must work together to solve puzzles while they are not sitting down, and every second they spend away from their chair diverts money to their seated rivals. The first to warm the studio's chairs will be two sisters from Dublin, a married couple, and a pair of Limerick lads - who for some reason we are assuming will be 'the craic' but we have no proof of that as of yet.

The Boxer

RTE2: 9.10pm

Daniel Day-Lewis stars in this nineties Irish flick, and when this fella is in a movie, you can pretty much guarantee it will be a good'un. He stars as a former IRA member who causes trouble for himself with the organisation when he sets up a boxing gym that's open to both sides of the religious divide. Things get even more complicated for him when his first love rocks up (Emily Watson), only now she's married to his best friend.... awkward.

The Jonathan Ross Show

UTV: 10.10pm

Wossy got off to a flying start last week with this new series of his show, and it should be more of the same tonight with a decent enough line-up on the cards. Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe will be chatting about his new fantasy thriller Horns, or in other words, his next attempt to remove himself from the shackles of being Harry Potter for years. Joining him will be Jonathan's mate Russell Brand, chatting about his new book Revolution, while Lindsay Lohan herself will be on the show discussing her West End debut in Speed-the-Plow, and hopefully not being a complete basket case. Finally, former England captain Rio Ferdinand will be in for a natter and our own chart-toppers The Script will be performing a song from their new album.




RTE 1: 9.30pm

We are over half way through this fifth season of Love/Hate already would you believe, where does the time go? Tonight's episode sees Nidge turning his attention to his next job after the first successful drugs shipment, and decides to use that Scotty fella as a driver, while he also manages to get Fran's brother Deano on #TeamNidge, although not sure if that will play out in his favour. There's a dilemma for Siobhan too as she discovers Tommy will soon wake from his coma but finds herself caught between her quest for revenge and her love for Pauley. Love? Really? They've only known each other five minutes. What about Tommy?? Oh and Ado is recruited to make another attempt on Patrick's life. Poor aul Patrick, after him saying his prayers as well at the end of last week's episode.

Downton Abbey

UTV: 9.00pm

If all the grim crime drama of Love/Hate isn't really your cup of tea, you can throw on Downton Abbey for some upper class problems. Following on from last week's altercation, which that Richard E Grant was totally to blame for, relations between Robert and Cora are strained. Things are looking up for Blake when his scheming starts to come together as Mary is unexpectedly pitted against her love rival. Elsewhere, Edith gets some bad news, and her reaction leaves folk reeling. Meanwhile, Thomas decides to get truthful with the maid, Baxter finds himself involved in the investigation into Green's death, and love in the air for one member of the Crawley family - n'aww.

Speed with Guy Martin

Channel 4: 8.00pm

A new series for all you speed junkies out there. British motorcycle racer Guy Martin takes part in some more speed-based challenges and also gets his hands dirty to find out what makes things go fast in the first place. Tonight, he learns how far it's possible to travel on a bicycle during 24 hours of non-stop pedalling. Ugh, rather him, than me. He also builds a tandem, no less, and pairs up with his mate, endurance expert Jason Miles, to see how far they can push their bodies. He also goes on a bit of a health kick as he learns about the science of cooking for athletes with nutritionist Nigel Mitchell, who tells him he needs to lose five kilos. For all that sitting on a motorbike he does....?


Bank Holiday Monday

The Intruders

BBC2: 9.00pm

This eight-part series was written by X Files writer Glen Morgan (now we've got your attention) and is an adaptation of a novel by Michael Marshall Smith. It also stars John Simm and Mira Sorvino, so yeah, a good bit of talent behind it - we have high hopes! Simm stars as a LAPD cop Jack Whelan who finds his idyllic life shattered when his wife Amy (Sorvino) suddenly vanishes. Jack then finds himself drawn deeper into the mystery when his high-school friend rocks up asking for his help with a murder inquiry. He then, somehow, ends up crossing paths with a secret society known as Qui Reverti. All sounds very bizarre, but at least we know Glen Morgan is well able to pull off a supernatural TV show.

Angels and Demons

RTE1: 9.30pm

Hardly a showstopper of a bank holiday movie, but who doesn't like seeing Tom Hanks, aka the nicest guy in Hollywood, in a flick? He returns as Robert Langdon in this sequel to The Da Vinci Code which includes more treasure hunt style mysteries, this time in and around the Vatican. The Pope has died and the four cardinals in line to be his successor have all been abducted by a mysterious sect that is threatening to murder them. Sounds like a case for an academic superhero - shine the Langdon light into the sky!

Damo and Ivor

RTE2: 10.00pm

If you were watching Damo and Ivor last week, you'll have seen some epic moves pulled on the dance floor as Damo's 'Proud to be Irish' was blasted out in the night club they were in for Spuddy's stag. It's a pretty strong indicator of the growing popularity of this series that the song then went to number one on iTunes this week. Bleedin' deadly news wha'? This last episode of the series sees the day of the wedding finally arrive, all is going well and very rosemantic until the girls waters break while Damo is giving his best man speech. Drama central, but we do get to finally find out who is the 'da' to Sarah-Jane's baby - Damo... or Ivor?

If you fancy enjoying any of the above with some tasty eats, get yourself down to Centra, perfect pit stop to grab a good feed on any night in. Deals galore!