Without a shadow of a doubt, Brexit is the most fundamental shift in European politics since the collapse of the Berlin Wall in 1989 - and it's not even over yet.

Still, that's never stopped anyone from getting a film or TV series into production - and that's precisely what's about to happen. The Sunday Telegraph has reported that a major (yet strangely unnamed) Hollywood studio is reportedly set to put up $60,000,000 for a six-part series based on the campaign diary of right-wing political donor Arron Banks.

The Bad Boys Of Brexit, Banks' bestselling book, will form the basis of the screenplay and will follow US pollster Gerry Gunster's involvement in the Leave campaign. Speaking to the Telegraph, Nigel Farage spoke about the film's message - and the fact that he wants to play himself in the series. "I think I should play me. I am really good at being me," said Farage.

"It will be about Brexit and the start of the revolution of 2016, how Brexit stunned the establishment and led to directly to the victory of Donald J Trump." So it's going to be a horror, then? Got it.

As for casting, the Sunday Times is claiming that none other than Sherlock Holmes himself, Benedict Cumberbatch, is being actively courted to play Farage. No release date has been confirmed, however it's understood that production is set to begin next year, with casting taking place in the coming months.


Via Telegraph.co.uk