Well now, doesn't it seem like just about every famous face in comedy is signing up to the Arrested Development Netflix reboot? First there was Kristen Wiig, Isla Fisher, Seth Rogen and Mad Men's John Slattery (we know, we know, not so much the comedian), and now Ben Stiller's decided to reprise his role as magician Tony Wonder.

As per Entertainment Weekly, Stiller will be returning for at least one episode of the new miniseries, and his character will continue to serve as a rival to to Will Arnett's G.O.B. Did somebody say wonder?

We were saying just yesterday that we're sad to hear there will only be one more series of the hit comedy, though news of a possible movie did cheer us up. It really is hard to believe that Jason Bateman and co created such a buzz in just three years isn't it? 

Arrested Development Season 4 will be available on Netflix UK and Ireland from May, with all of the original cast set to reprise their roles for the miniseries.