Well with Aidan Turner, Lenora Crichlow and Russell Tovey gone it was never going to last, was it? The gang over at BBC3 have confirmed that Being Human will come to an end at the climax of the current series.

This season follows next generation characters Tom, Alex and Hal as they come to blows with a truly evil force in the Barry Hotel. Now the channel has revealed that the three will be forced to face the Devil, and haven't told us if they'll live to tell the tale. Don't they look awfully sad about it too?

It's all come as quite the shock for Being Human fans, who have taken to Twitter in their droves to berate the Beeb. Sure there's always a backlash from the fandoms when these sorts of things happen, just ask Julian Fellowes. We're pretty sure he'll rue the day he killed off Sybil Crawley.

The gang who first brought the show to our screens aren't saying much about the cancellation, but they have been speaking out about their time with the show. "Working on Being Human has been a truly great experience," executive producer Rob Pursey said. "From the first one hour pilot all the way through to this climactic series, we've been given real creative freedom and encouragement. It's a credit to BBC Three that such an unusual idea has been allowed to flourish and evolve in its own unique way."

Oh well, down goes another one! At least it didn't have to fade into obscurity ala Skins before someone pulled the plug.