Expect to see seven 30 minute episodes on BBC2 this coming autumn, containing "Government embarrassment, ministerial cock-ups, Coalition rows, backroom deals, policy U-turns, spin-doctoring, political back-stabbing, wild media speculation, and more time spent with one's family".

Speaking of season four, creator Armando Iannucci said: "This series takes The Thick of It into exciting and uncharted territory: a new Coalition Government, and Malcolm and Nicola fretting in the wings. For the first time too a storyline takes us all the way through the series right to the bitter, bitter end, with Government and Opposition convulsed in an incident that questions every political convention imaginable, but in a funny way."

Oh, and this time, Malcolm will be part of the opposition and the storyline will involve a Levison-style inquiry.

Rebecca Front and Peter Capaldi will return as MP Nicola Murray and the delightfully charming Malcolm Tucker, while Vincent Franklin will play Number 10's Director of Communications Stewart Pearson and Geoffrey Streatfeild portrays DOSAC's Junior Minister Fergus Williams MP. Roger Allam will reprise his role as Peter Mannion. Never fear, cherub features Chris Addison and matronly Joanna Scanlan will also put in an appearance.

BBC's head of comedy, Mark Freeland, said: "I'm excited to see The Thick Of It return to our screens. With an outstanding cast and team, it is still at the bleeding edge of British politics, one of the freshest and most biting satires you'll find on TV. No other show could coin the term 'Omnishambles' and see it become part of the political lexicon."

Iannucci's stateside creation, Veep, could, what with all it's "normalising", "catch-44s", "canine-didates" and senators who look like "they've just been stabbed in the groin."

Veep, the funniest political satire possibly ever written, can be seen on Sky Atlantic Mondays at 10.00pm.