For the second year in a row, the BBC have revealed the salaries of their highest paid stars. Last year the revelation of who earned what sparked controversy for the broadcaster over the pay gap between male and female presenters.

The list below, which shows the full list of stars, presenters and broadcasters earning more than £150,000 in 2017/18, features only one female - Claudia Winkleman all the ways up there at number 13.

However the BBC Annual Report does detail what the corporation is doing to close the gender pay gap among its top earners saying that lead male BBC broadcasters have taken pay cuts in order to close the gender pay gap.

Last year the ratio of male to female earners on £150,000 or more was 76:24 in favour of men. Data for the financial year to April 2018 shows that ratio is now 66:34 in favour of men. Next year it's projected it will be more like 59:41.

The list below shows that Gary Lineker has taken the number one spot from Chris Evans this time, with the 'Match of the Day' and World Cup presenter earning between £1.75 million and £1.76 million.

Graham Norton remains at number 3 on the list, now earning £600,000-£609,999 which is about £250,000 less than what he was bringing in last year.

See the full list below.

1. Gary Lineker – £1,750,000-£1,759,999

2. Chris Evans – £1,660,000-£1,669,999

3. Graham Norton – £600,000-£609,999

4. Steve Wright – £550,000-£559,999

5. Huw Edwards – £520,000-£529,999

6. Jeremy Vine – £440,000-£449,999

7. Nicky Campbell – £410,000-£419,999

7. Alan Shearer – £410,000-£419,999

9. John Humphrys – £400,000-£409,999

9. Nick Grimshaw – £400,000-£409,999

9. Stephen Nolan – £400,000-£409,999

9. Andrew Marr – £400,000-£409,999

13. Claudia Winkleman – £370,000-£379,999