It's called Heading Out and it's centres on 40-year-old vet who is still too petrified to tell her parents she's a lesbian. Sue is not only writing it, she's starring in it too. And therein lies the potential problem.

Sue Perkins may be a fantastic person (she seemed grounded and up for anything when some genius put her in a car with Liza Tarbuck and made them drive the Ho Chi Minh Trail in the Beeb's recent World's Most Dangerous Roads series) and a respected writer (I have no examples, apart from some people saying she's good at writing), but - on camera - she just isn't that funny. She probably is rib-burstingly hilarious in her own time, or even onstage, but put a camera on her and she goes into 'overkill' mode. Exhibit A: BBC2's Great British Bake Off of a Tuesday. For the love of God, just saw the word 'bake', you don't have to devise a new way to squeak it every time.

The BBC press site reports that "Heading Out starts production in September and is due to be broadcast next year on BBC Two. The series is produced by Jim Poyser and directed by Natalie Bailey. Nicola Shindler is executive producing for RED Production Company."

Speaking of Nicola Shindler, she said: "Having known Sue for a number of years, I am familiar with her superb writing ability (see?) and natural comedic timing and I have always wanted us to work together. In Heading Out she has written a fantastically original, smart and witty script with engaging characters and pithy dialogue so I am eager for us to get cracking on such an exciting project."

There's been no mention of timeslot as yet, but given it's on BBC2 hopefully we'll be spared the canned laughter.