He tore up our TV screens in How Low Can You Go?, Baz's Extreme Worlds and Baz's Culture Clash before taking over the airwaves on 2FM for a while but now Baz Ashmawy's making a return to our TV screens and he's bringing his mammy along for the craic.

Baz and 70-year-old Nancy (that's his lovely Irish mammy's name) will be trading Ballycoogue Co Wicklow for the big bad world as they set off on a series of extraordinary adventures across the globe in 50 Ways To Test Your Mammy for Sky 1 HD.

The 6 part series will take them to Africa, Asia and the USA as they set sail on a journey designed by Baz to test his Mammy’s mettle. He knows exactly where Nancy's limits are and has planned trips across the globe that will gently take her to them, slowly inching her past them each week, as far as she can go. Expect skydiving and alligator wranging to make an appearance.

"I think old age is probably the most unexpected of things to happen to a person, my mother is at a stage in her life where she yearns for a bit of adventure and thanks to Sky 1 I’m going give it to her", Ashmawy said. "I've lived with tribes, wrestled alligators, jumped out of planes and off of buildings, everything I’ve done I have shared with my mammy. Now it's her time to try some new things but I’ll be holding her hand the whole way, if I’m not being forced to play travel scrabble and drink tea. To share a journey like this around the world with anyone is life changing but to share it with your seventy year old mammy… that’s the stuff of folklore. We can’t wait. Bring it on!"

We certainly hope she has the wooden spoon or wet dishcloth handy, just in case he pushes her a little too far. And that immersion better have been switched off before they left the house now...