Being the Queen of Bingo must pale in comparison to being landlady of the Queen Vic, because Barabara Windsor is heading back to EastEnders.

The actress, who famously quit the soap just a few years ago, will return for a "very special episode" later this year. BBC News is reporting that she comes back with a bang, in order to help son Phil out in a time of need. Couldn't have popped back when the grandson was on trial for murder then no? This must be really serious so.

"It may only be a short visit, but it's a family matter and as Peggy always said 'it's all about family'" the actress said in a statement. "It is no secret how much I have always loved EastEnders and Peggy Mitchell - and by the number of times I'm constantly stopped by the great British public and asked either 'when are you coming back' or 'please say get out of my pub', it seems they have too."

It's interesting to see that the show bosses have tempted the Mitchell matriarch back to the Square so soon. Back in January she told the PA that she had no intention of heading down Walford way any time soon, because she wasn't up for the workload. "I do a bit of everything. I don't have EastEnders, that was three years ago. So I have my advert which I still do, Queen of Bingo, I do lots of my charity work - lots of different things. I don't want the grind" the actress said.

The powers that be must have been thinking ahead though: Offering her a brief appearance could be just the thing to get the veteran actress back on side. Sure didn't it work with Michael French (David Wicks)? He had a stint on the show not so long ago, and is now said to be returning full time. What's next? Pat Butcher in the shower?

That said, we'll take Peggy over new bad bod Carl, his old moody missus Hair Extensions and the unintelligible Dexter any day, innit. All together now: "Dun, dun, dun dun, dun dundundun."