There's axes being swung all over the shop the last couple of weeks, and it's unfortunate news for Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Victoria Smurfit. You expect these things to last more than one season, especially since the ratings reportedly weren't half bad.

Apparently it got 'average' viewing figures stateside, and there was a surge of interest when it was aired on SKY Living (averaging around the 450,000 mark). Thing is, NBC and the like thought it would be as popular as Game of Thrones. No pressure.

There had been quite a bit of fanfare surrounding the show in Ireland for obvious reasons, with the Irish premiere screening being held in Christ Church Cathedral last October.

Speaking via The Independent, JRM said he was looking forward to portraying Dracula as there was something of an affinity there: "I can convey conflict because I'm a guy who lives in conflict a lot of the time. It's not something I have to search for. That sense of looking for some sort of peace, some sort of balance, is evident regardless of what I do."