With 'The Mandalorian' returning for a new season this Friday, it was only right that Baby Yoda - or the 'SNL' version of it - turned up on last night's Weekend Update slot to help promote the show.

The difference between the real Baby Yoda and the 'SNL' version is that the 'SNL' version has been spending quarantine hanging out with absolute dipshit YouTube personality Jake Paul, getting sexually explicit DMs from fans, and has an earring in one of his ears.

As well as being the worst possible version of himself, this Baby Yoda is also selling his own brand of weed called 'Dagobud' - in reference to Dagobah, the planet from 'The Empire Strikes Back' - and a CBD kambucha called 'Jabba the Kambucha', which is a thing that you wouldn't honestly put past Americans to come up with.

Take a look.