It seems like every week Disney+'s 'The Mandalorian' is giving us a new Baby Yoda meme and we are not complaining (the only thing we can complain about is the March 31st 2020 launch date for Disney+ here).

You really don't need much info to enjoy any of the Baby Yoda memes so far apart from knowing that A. there's a Baby Yoda (his given name by fans/the internet) and B. the relationship between him/her and Pedro Pascal's Mandalorian character is very familiar to anyone who's ever seen an odd couple/badass and child duo movie/TV show before.

The fact that they're, for the most part, spoiler-free makes them even better.

This week's edition involves a scene in which Baby Yoda and Mando are fighting over the controls in the cockpit with Baby Yoda doing what every petulant child would do and repeatedly pressing buttons to see what happens, with Mando losing patience very quickly as each button press becomes more damaging.

The scene plays out as you would expect, but what the internet has done is thrown some excellent songs in on top and the result is *chef's kiss* good.