After reading how it's all about to go down, we are very excited to see what unfolds on the night.

The biggest night in TV is almost upon us, as the glitz and the glam of all of the TV series we've been watching over the past year will be rubbing shoulders with each other on the red carpet. Scratch that actually, they'll all be getting pissed at their parties while the at-home Emmys play out.

Yes, this year's Emmys will look like no other, with host Jimmy Kimmel set to present from an empty Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles. However, executive producer Reginald Hudlin ('Django Unchained' and 'Boomerang') has everything under control for the unique event, and to be honest it even sounds more exciting than the usual red carpet affair we've seen countless times before.

Speaking to the LA Times about how he is undertaking this momentous event in TV history, he admits: "I think every genre needs a reinvention at a certain point."

A year that we've relied on TV more than we ever thought possible, the producer highlights how important the show is to both viewers and those who worked hard on the productions: "We get to celebrate television in a year that it really deserves to be celebrated because television’s gotten us through this year in a lot of ways. It has really been one of the unifiers."

He and his crew have dispatched relatively easy-to-use camera rigs to over 130 locations around the world for the upcoming night, in the hopes that everyone who appears on screen will have the best lighting and camera set up across the board.

There are a number of parts of the at-home Emmys that remain completely out of Hudlin and his team's hands of course - such as how the stars will behave while at home. He told the publication: "Maybe they’re alone in their apartment; maybe they’ve got their entire extended family. Maybe they’ve got all their friends over there and they’re having some raucous Emmy party. It’s all up to the individual and how they want to celebrate the night.

"These are the parts that are not under our control. These nominees, they come into our home every week or six-hour binge, however we consumed their show. So now we’re going to their house and we get to hang out with them. That’s on the nominees. That’s the biggest 'x' element we don’t have control of.

"Whatever happens, we want to capture it."

Hudlin says there's even been some awkward conversations with some stars overseas, revealing: "There are some people who are like, 'We’re in the U.K.; that’s four in the morning and I will be asleep.'

"Really? Really?! Wake up!"

And in terms of clothing, Hudlin stated: "There are no wrong answers. It’s all about how you want to express yourself." Here's hoping that the stars exceed our expectations in this regard.

Be sure to look out for news on how Irish hopefuls Paul Mescal, Andrew Scott, and Fiona Shaw fare in the early hours of Monday morning.

The three-hour at-home Emmys 2020 will be kicking off on Sunday night at 8pm Los Angeles time (3am Irish time).