If you were watching our Twitter feed last Friday you'll know we spent the day in London with the cast of Arrested Development ahead of their glorious return to Netflix, and got all the gossip about Season 4. We'll have all of our interviews up on the site later in the week, but until then Netflix have given us all a little treat: The very first trailer for the brand new series.

Yep, fresh off the reel this morning, the first official look at Arrested Development Season 4 has finally landed on the interweb, and we've got it right here for your viewing pleasure. We're loving 'The Final Countdown': It's rather apt, don'cha think?

All of the show's main characters return for the 15 episode run, which will be available to stream in its entirety on Netflix from 8.01am on May 26th. Whether you're in Dublin or Dallas, you'll be able to find out what Michael, George, Lucille, Buster, Tobias, Lindsay, George Michael, Maeby and GOB have been up to over the past 7 years. Is Tobias still nevernude? Did Buster lose his second hand to that loose seal? And what happened to Steve Holt? Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Oh, and keep your eyes peeled for some rather classy cameos too: As if the return of Henry Winkler and Liza Minelli wasn't enough, Isla Fisher, John Krasinski, Terry Crews and Seth Rogen join the cast. Sure there's always money in the banana stand, right?