This has already been a big week for Arrested Development fans, with the entire fourth series airing in one serving on Netflix thanks to its makers. The main man behind the series, creator Mitch Hurwitz, left a further gift for eager Arrested Development devotees on the show's Facebook page that night.

Just over four hours before the season premiere, Hurwitz wrote a letter dedicated to fans and haters alike. The message, scrawled in his own handwriting and snapshot for Facebook it is a quirky little thank you to all those who watch the show, and a funny little nod to any potential haters. It stated "obviously in the case of the enemies, the words you spread were "don't watch this show!" You know I probably shouldn't have even included them in the salutation - but I'm writing this in ink + making all sorts of mistakes". Ah, even in his thank you notes he's a laugh and a half.

The letter goes on in a similar fashion to tell the viewers the show is theirs to watch at their disposal, but really it should be watched in order and in it's entirety. Yes, he certainly does write out his thought process as it develops then.

It ends "but really this is yours now. Except for the obvious copyright issues. And you have to subscribe to Netflix. So it's not completely yours I guess. I'm not going to write in ink anymore". Considering how it reads as if lifted from an Arrested Development scene, haters could hardly ever spread doubt about the authorship of the show. With over 6,000 likes on Facebook within the hour, fans are shouting back that thanks.

Bluth's banana anyone?