Armando Iannucci is back in business with HBO, having previously created and produced the multiple award winning Veep for the US cable network.

The sci-fi series, Avenue 5 will be written and executive produced by Iannucci, with HBO having commited to a pilot and back-order scripts - always a good sign. The pilot will be filmed in London next year, as Iannucci walked from Veep in 2015 citing the strain the US shooting schedule put on his family.

There's no word on casting quite yet, but the show will echo elements of Galaxy Quest, just with the comedic palette of the man who gave us The Thick of It.

Iannucci's The Death of Stalin has been receiving incredible early reviews, so the filmmaker is very much in demand.

We'll leave you with the below. Not for the easily offended, obviously. 

 Via Deadline