Ever since the writers of The Simpsons said that a character in the beloved animation would be killed off, there has been much speculation as to who this person could be. Producers have been dropping teasing hints now for ages too, saying that the death will be the 'Yellow Wedding' of The Simpsons and would definitely happen in the season premiere this coming year.

Now though, they have gone one step further and actually pretty much laid it out on the table as to who this character will be. How? Well showrunner Al Jean has recently said that he has made it extremely obvious who it would be, telling a gasped audience at the Television Critics Association that the episode was called 'A Clown in the Dumps.'

So it has to be Krusty the Clown right? Poor Bart will be crushed!

Unless of course it's some kind of bluff and it means that Krusty will himself be depressed over a character that dies so it could also be his father Rabbi Hyman Krustofski. Or hell, maybe it's Sideshow Bob but surely Krusty wouldn't be too down about that considering how often himself and Bart have teamed up against him?

We can only hope it's not our favourite cartoon clown but the signs do seem to be pointing towards it, and given how much the world is enthralled with the consistent killing-off of major characters in Game of Thrones, maybe producers think this is the best way to get everyone's attention? Well it's not!

Now please go purchase your 'Save the Krusty the Clown' t-shirts ASAP.