Archie Panjabi, better known to audiences as Kalinda Sharma, has been off our screens since she finished up with The Good Wife in May.

Since then, many have been wondering what's next and now, it seems, we've got an idea - she's directly taking on her previous show. There's endless rumours and speculation as to why she left The Good Wife; some say for personal reasons, others say it's due to on-set tension.

What is known, however, is that Panjabi's new show is definitely taking aim at The Good Wife and looking to swipe some of its audience in the process. Her new legal drama, The Jury, will follow a single murder trial over the course of the season and be told through the eyes of the jury itself - not the lawyers.

Panjabi plays the show's central protagonist, Kim Dempsey, who's described as "a crusader - someone who’s always had/is always looking for a cause. She’s been accused of jumping from cause to cause in the past, and maybe that’s true, but nobody can accuse her of not doing a hell of a job while she was there."

It's all pretty vague at the minute, but the understanding is that it'll be somewhat more serious than The Good Wife and lean more towards Law & Order and old-school favourite Murder One. There's no word yet on a premiere date as the series is currently in pilot, with a decision expected in the coming weeks. If it all goes ahead, The Jury will be lining up to compete directly with Panjabi's former show.